New Course Approvals for New Jersey Land Surveyors

The following 10 courses for 11.5 hours have been approved for New Jersey Land Surveyors

Item # Title CE Hours
1 RV-7648 Earth Dynamics: Geologic Time 0.5
2 RV-6478 Earth Dynamics: Geothermal Energy 1
3 RV-4872 Earth Dynamics: Global Warming 1.5
4 RV-4541 Earth Dynamics: Plate Tectonics 2
5 RV-7815 Earth Dynamics: Tornadoes 1
6 RV-6358 Earth Dynamics: Volcanoes 1
7 RV-6712 Regenerative Landscape Design: Shelters 1.5
8 RV-6314 Regenerative Landscape Design: Solar Heating & IAQ 1
9 RV-6318 Regenerative Landscape Design: Sustainability 1
10 RV-6261 Regenerative Landscape Design: Water 1

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