New RedVector Course: R&D Waste Management

RedVector is happy to announce the launch of a brand new mobile-ready eLearning course!

RedVector R&D Waste Management eLearning Course

This RedVector course is structured to provide a general overview of waste streams that can be generated in a research and development (R & D) laboratory. Information is also provided concerning the federal regulatory agencies that oversee chemical waste in a research laboratory setting and applicable guidance from those agencies.

In this interactive online course, you will learn that no matter how big or small your research laboratory, you should have a chemical hygiene plan in place to protect all laboratory personnel while they collect and handle hazardous wastes. The handling of hazardous wastes can present a physical and health hazard to laboratory workers in clinical, industrial, and academic laboratories. This RedVector course will provide guidance on good work practices in the handling of the various wastes streams generated in a R & D laboratory.

By the end of this course, students will be able to review applicable regulations for handling laboratory waste streams, provide details on characterizing hazardous wastes, discuss guidelines for handling chemical wastes, review additional waste streams, and summarize biological wastes.

 is excited about the launch of this mobile-ready industrial course and has several other new courses coming soon. Be sure to follow our blog and check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-speed on all the latest eLearning news and course launches!  For more information about this or other RedVector courses, contact our client support department today.

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