Competency Assessment Update

We’ve made some small cosmetic changes to the Competency Assessment function of our LMS to better reflect the type of assessment we currently manage and to prepare for further updates down the road. We’ve changed the name of the competency assessment item “type” to Task Verification in several spots in both the Student and Manager Views, specifically:

  • Student View >> Assigned Courses >> Prefix on the Course Title
  • Manager View >> Manage Training >>
    • Competency Assessment >> Assignment History >> Type
    • Competency Assessment >> Add Assignment >> Select Assignment Type
  • Manager View >> Manage Library >> Custom Courses >> Course Type

We believe renaming the type of competency assessment to “Task Verification” more accurately depicts the type of assessment being performed as this tool allows you to upload a list of tasks and then have an observer verify whether a student can adequately complete each step.

If you would like training on this tool, please contact your Account Manager.lms update 6-3_1lms update 6-3_2lms update 6-3_3

lms update 6-3_4

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