NEW COURSE APPROVALS – International Code Council (ICC)

RedVector is happy to announce that the following 22 courses have been approved by the International Code Council (ICC)!

RV-10641AW International Building Code (IBC) – Care Facilities Provisions
RV-10640  2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) Fundamentals Part 1
RV-10646  2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) Fundamentals Part 2
RV-10451  International Building Code & More: Family Residences, Existing Structures and Historic Buildings
RV-10512  2014 NEC Changes – Articles 90, 100, and 110 (Introduction & Chapter 1)
RV-10513  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 2: Wiring and Protection
RV-10514  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 3: Wiring Methods and Materials
RV-10515  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 4: Equipment for General Use
RV-10516  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 5: Special Occupancies
RV-10517  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 6: Electric Signs and Outline Lighting
RV-10518  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 7: Special Conditions
RV-10519  2014 NEC Changes – Chapter 8: Communications Systems

RV-10401  International Building Code & More: Occupancy Classifications and Loads
RV-10402  International Building Code & More: Construction Types and Building Sizes
RV-10403  International Building Code & More: Means of Egress
RV-10404  International Building Code & More: Fire and Smoke Resistant Assemblies
RV-10405  International Building Code & More: Fire Protection Systems
RV-10406  International Building Code & More: Plumbing and Mechanical Requirements
RV-10407  International Building Code & More: Electrical and Communication Requirements
RV-10408  International Building Code & More: Finish and Furniture Selection
RV-10409  International Building Code & More: Code Officials and Code Processes
RV-10460  International Building Code & More: Sustainability and Accessibility

REMINDER: For the 2015 renewal, ICC Members must take 20% of their required CEs in Board Approved courses. That % of Board Approved courses increases to 40% in January, 2016 and 50% in July, 2016.  RedVector has 551 courses for General credit available for ICC.

If you are seeking online continuing education hours or have any questions about these courses, contact an educational advisor or our client support department today.

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