NEW COURSE APPROVALS – Florida Contractors

RedVector is happy to announce the following 25 courses have been approved for Florida Certified and Registered Contractors and available for Pinellas County Contractors.

Note: Courses with an asterisk (*) are also available for Florida Building Inspectors.

RV-10638 2012 International Building Code Significant Changes Highlights*
RV-10648AW  Advancements in Concrete*
RV-10694AW  ASHRAE Guideline 13-2014, Building Automation Systems
RV-10578 AutoCAD 2014: Part 1 – Introduction*
RV-10602 AutoCAD 2014: Part 2 – Editing Techniques*
RV-10603 AutoCAD 2014: Part 3 – Editing & Construction*
RV-10604 AutoCAD 2014: Part 4 – Drawing Aids and Utilities*
RV-10605 AutoCAD 2014: Part 5 -Template, Layouts, and Viewports*
RV-10606 AutoCAD 2014: Part 6 – Advanced Editing & Annotation*
RV-10220 Green Building with Steel – Part 3: Light Gauge Metal Components for Framing
RV-10683 Green Design: Introduction to High Performance Building Design (Based on LEED v4)
RV-10553 Green Design: Introduction to Sustainability and Measurement Systems (Based on LEED v4)
RV-10680 Green Design: Introduction to Sustainable Design Materials and Resources (Based on LEED v4)
RV-10681 Green Design: Introduction to Sustainable Sites (Based on LEED v4)
RV-10686 Green Design: Sustainable Daylighting Design (Based on LEED v4)*
RV-10684 Green Design: Sustainable Lighting Design (Based on LEED v4)
RV-10735AW  Increasing Building Energy Efficiencies: Policies and Practice
RV-10724AW  Introduction to Sustainable Design and Construction Using Green Globes
RV-10676AW  LEED v4 for Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance (EBOM)*
RV-10649AW  LEED v4 for Healthcare Facilities*
RV-10698AW  LEED v4 for Hospitality Projects*
RV-10647AW  LEED v4 for School Buildings*
RV-10591AW  LEED v4: Building Design and Construction*
RV-10601 Seawalls and Boat Docks for Home Inspectors
RV-10704AW  Steam & Condensate Systems II*

If you are seeking online continuing education hours or have any questions about these courses, contact an educational advisor or our client support department today.

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