NEW COURSE APPROVALS – Florida Home Inspectors

RedVector is happy to announce the following  24 courses have been approved for Florida Home Inspectors!

RV-10638 International Building Code Significant Changes to 2012 Edition (RV-10638)
RV-10648AW Advancements in Concrete (RV-10648AW)
RV-5548 Air Compressors
RV-5862 Alternative Construction: Bamboo
RV-5865 Alternative Construction: Earthen Finishes
RV-7606 Building Pathology: Parapets & Decks
RV-6810 Building Pathology: Roofs
RV-6140 Building Pathology: Site Drainage Problems
RV-10597 Decks, Stairs, Rails for Home Inspectors (RV-10597)
RV-10213 Green Building with Steel – Part 2: Guidelines for Builders, Trades and Inspectors
RV-10220 Green Building with Steel – Part 3: Light Gauge Metal Components for Framing (RV-10220)
RV-10219 Green Design: Sustainable Lighting Design (Based on LEED 2009)
RV-10185 Green Infrastructure 8: Best Practices For Construction
RV-10093 Historic Preservation: Accessibility
RV-10126 Historic Preservation: Exterior Additions and Substitutions
RV-10591AW LEED v4: Building Design and Construction (RV-10591AW)
RV-6182 Plumbing: Dental Offices & Working Drawings
RV-6184 Plumbing: Lead Work, Silver Brazing & Soft Soldering
RV-6783 Plumbing: Roughing & Repair Information
RV-7797 Roofing – Flexible Membrane Edge Design
RV-7793 Roofing – Flexible Membrane Wind Load Design
RV-10601 Seawalls and Boat Docks for Home Inspectors (RV-10601)
RV-10600AW Solar Panels for Home Inspectors (RV-10600AW)
RV-10645AW The Principles and Implications of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) v2012

REMINDER:  Licenses expire July 31st of even years. 14 hours of continuing education is required for renewal. Of the 14 hours, 2 hours must be on hurricane wind mitigation and the other 12 hours can be general coursework.

If you are seeking online continuing education hours or have any questions about these courses, contact an educational advisor or our client support department today.

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