New RedVector Course Launch: HAZMAT Transportation Safety Awareness

The content team at RedVector has put together another outstanding eLearning course aimed at giving students insight into the proper handling and transportation of hazardous materials.  This hour-long course, titled HAZMAT Transportation Safety Awareness, will discuss Hazardous Materials Regulations, introduce the Hazardous Material Table, and show you how to prepare shipping papers and correctly label hazardous material.

HAZMAT Transportation Safety Awareness RedVector eLearning

Most people think of hazardous chemicals/materials as merely compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication standard. However, if employees ship, receive, or are otherwise involved (e.g., ordering, preparing shipping papers) with DOT hazardous materials they must be trained appropriately as a DOT HAZMAT employee.  This mobile-ready RedVector course is led by Certified Safety Professional Jon Wallace, who has over two decades of safety experience and is nationally recognized in the area of occupational safety.  Mr. Wallace has worked with RedVector on several courses and has additional courses launching in the near future.

By the end of this course, you will be able to summarize the applicability of DOT HAZMAT regulations, identify DOT Hazardous material, correctly read the Hazardous Materials Table, recall shipping paper requirements, mark materials with the correct labeling/placard, and provide the proper response in an emergency.

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