Attention All Michigan Electricians

Licenses expire on December 31st annually for all electricians licensed in Michigan.  It is recommended by the Board that renewal submission should be submitted by September 30th annually in order to receive your new license prior to the start of the new year.

15 hours of continuing education are required in NEC within one year of the rule being adopted by the Board.

2014 Electrical Part 8 Code Rules went into effect on June 18, 2015.  All Licensees must take the 15-hour code update for your 2017 license (by September 30, 2016).  RedVector is currently seeking approval for a 15-hour Michigan 2014 NEC course to meet this requirement.  Please check this site or ask your Educational Advisor to contact you when the course is available.

Previously, all licensees had to take the 15-hour code update for the 12/31/14 renewal.

NOTE:  Licenses expire annually on December 31st. However, the Board stated that renewals submitted after September 30th may not receive their license prior to January 1st.  For this reason, we are changing the renewal period to end when your CE is needed.

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