New Redvector Course: HVAC System Controls

RedVector is excited to announce the launch of a brand new mobile-ready eLearning course on HVAC System Controls!

HVAC System Controls

This course covers essential information regarding the control systems utilized with HVAC systems. After an introduction to controls, we’ll cover many related topics, such as control strategies, types of control systems, sensors, controlled devices, and controllers. We’ll also focus on the equipment that’s typically used for temperature, humidity and air flow for HVAC systems.

By the end of this RedVector course, students will be able to discuss the numerous types of control systems utilized with HVAC systems; describe the various sensors, actuators, and controllers required for control systems; explain how control systems are used to achieve required space conditions for occupants; and define technical terms related to HVAC system controls.

RedVector is proud to offer this new course and has many other exciting courses launching soon.  Be sure to follow our blog and check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-speed on all the latest eLearning news and course launches! For more information about this or other RedVector courses, contact our client support department today.

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