NEW COURSE APPROVALS – Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES)

RedVector is happy to announce the following 56 courses have been approved by the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES).

RV-2355 Guide to Development in FEMA’s Regulatory Floodway
RV-10292 Guide to the FEMA Elevation Certificate V2
RV-6612 How To Handle Customer Conflict
RV-6671 Introduction to FEMA Flood Maps and Flood Studies
RV-7742 Motivating and Mentoring – A Profit Center
RV-7707 Parking Lots – Parking Demand
RV-1442 Partnering for Design & Construction Projects
RV-6875 Personal Protective Equipment
RV-7425 Professional Standard of Care – Proof & Defense
RV-3806 Project Decision Making with Case Studies
RV-6588 Project Risk Management
RV-3207 Project Team Management
RV-6596 Quality Improvement Process
RV-5420 Quality Management
RV-6197 Quick Writing Tips
RV-7349 Risk Management for the Design Professional: Basic Principles
RV-7193 Risk Managing Communication, Documentation & Reports
RV-5743 Safety – An Introduction
RV-7437 Significant Figures & Round-Off Errors
RV-6434 Tactical Time Management: An Advanced Course
RV-6543 The Art & Science of Delegation
RV-4121 Time Management for Designers
RV-4792 Winning Proposals 1: Preliminary Steps & Planning Strategies
RV-4793 Winning Proposals 2: Effective Design & Development
RV-4759 Winning Proposals 3: Components of a Successful Proposal
RV-10185 Green Infrastructure 8: Best Practices for Construction
RV-10177 Green Infrastructure 5: Best Practices for Utilities
RV-10167 Green Infrastructure 1: Introduction to High Performance Guidelines
RV-6343 7 Steps to Mastering Time
RV-7161 ABCs of Managing Time & Effort: The 80/20 Way
RV-7380 ABCs of Time, Goals & Purpose: The Big Picture
RV-6751 AIA’s Essentials of Cost Management: Cost Management Methodology
RV-3690 AIA’s Essentials of Cost Management: Cost-Estimating Methodology
RV-6843 AIA’s Essentials of Cost Management: Cost-Estimating Tools
RV-5540 Basic Construction Math
RV-6571 Basic Report Writing
RV-6078 Business Communications: Effective Email
RV-6742 Business Communications: Effective Meetings
RV-6939 Business Communications: Effective Professional Presentations
RV-6386 Business Communications: Letters
RV-7222 Business Reality Check: Pitfalls on the Path to Prosperity
RV-7720 Business Writing: Business and Technical Proposals
RV-7623 Business Writing: E-Mail Techniques
RV-5054 Business Writing: Short Reports
RV-7212 Communicating with International Contractors
RV-5337 Communication & Leadership
RV-6947 Conflict Resolution: The Principles of Evidence – Intermediate
RV-6957 Construction Mediation: A Brief Overview – Beginner
RV-6959 Construction Mediation: An Introduction – Beginner
RV-7177 Contractor Lawsuits Against Design Professionals
RV-5392 Design & Construction Claims
RV-6579 Effective Communication
RV-1929 Effective Public Relations
RV-7759 Effective Writing Skills for Business and Industry
RV-7261 Environmental Risks in Construction
RV-7417 Floodproofing

LA CES course approvals are applicable for:
· ASLA Member
· Arkansas Landscape Architects
· Delaware Landscape Architects
· Kentucky Landscape Architects
· Minnesota Landscape Architects
· Missouri Landscape Architects
· Ohio Landscape Architects
· Puerto Rico Landscape Architects
· South Carolina Landscape Architects
· Texas Landscape Architects
· Wisconsin Landscape Architects

If you are seeking online continuing education hours or have any questions about these courses, contact an educational advisor or our client support department today.

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