New RedVector Course – Microgrids and the City

RedVector is proud to release a new course, Microgrids and the City.


Is your municipality prepared for a loss of power for days, or even weeks? The use of backup generators is really a short-term solution that only addresses one aspect of loss of power. What about the rest? Wireless communications? Clean water? Gasoline/diesel? Medicines? A holistic approach to energy from up front and ongoing efficiency, minimizing demand, and designing, building, and operating long-term outage solutions is within the grasp of all municipalities. This presentation will examine energy resiliency resources and provide two case study examples of the application of those resources.

By the end of this course, you will be able to identify limitations of a resilient system when performing an “as-is” assessment so as not to disrupt life safety, restoration effectiveness, and socioeconomic continuity during a major event, prioritize investment decisions for improving resiliency, describe how managing energy, transportation fuels supply, communications, and societal needs (water, sewer, medicines) are interdependent, and apply a recognized analytical framework to address the problem of energy assurance.

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