New RedVector Package: 30 Hour LEED AP ND Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) Package

RedVector is proud to announce a 30-hour package of online courses (based on LEED v4) to satisfy the certification requirement for LEED AP Neighborhood Development (ND). The online courses in this packages have been approved by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) for the LEED AP ND credential.

The courses contained in this package are:

  • Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete (RV-10873AW) 2 hours GEN
  • Green Building Materials: Product Selection & Specification (RV-6468)       4 hours GEN
  • Green Design: Brownfield Redevelopment (RV-10900) 1 hour LEED Specific
  • Green Design: Introduction to Sustainable Sites (Based on LEED v4) (RV-10681)1 hour GEN
  • Green Design: Sustainable Daylighting Design (Based on LEED v4) (RV-10686) 1 hour GEN
  • Green Design: Sustainable Lighting Design (Based on LEED v4) (RV-10684) 3 hours GEN
  • Green Design: The Ethics of Green Design (RV-10685) 1 hour GEN
  • Green Urban Design (RV-10226) 2 hours GEN
  • LEED v4 and the Future of Green Webcast (RV-10537AW) 1 hour LEED Specific
  • LEED v4 for New Construction Projects (RV-10819AW) 2 hours LEED Specific
  • LEED v4: Neighborhood Development (RV-10594AW) 1 hour LEED Specific
  • LEED v4: Residential Homes (RV-10595AW) 1 hour LEED Specific
  • Regenerative Landscape Design: Solar Heating & IAQ (RV-6314) 2 hours GEN
  • Residential Green Building: Design, Construction, and Accreditation (RV-10127) 4 hours GEN
  • Sustainable Solutions: Urban Flooding and Water Pollution (RV-10486)      1 hour GEN
  • Sustainable Urban Design: High Speed Rail (RV-10216AW) 1 hour GEN
  • Understanding Concrete’s Environmental Advantage (RV-10870) 1 hour GEN
  • Walkable Communities (RV-10252AW) 1 hour GEN

RedVector is proud to offer this package for your convenience.  Be sure to follow our blog and check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-speed on all the latest eLearning news and course launches! For more information about this or other RedVector courses, contact our client support department today.

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