aside New TargetSolutions Water Industry Courses!

RedVector is now offering a select few TargetSolutions text-based courses on the RedVector platform. These courses don’t offer accreditation, but are intended to fill educational gaps in our library. Courses include the following:

Water Industry Water Main Installation

Water distribution systems are an integral part of keeping the public healthy and safe. The primary purpose of a water distribution system is the delivery of potable water for drinking and firefighting. To meet that goal, systems are designed by civil engineers and city planners to meet the changing needs of homes, offices, and industries. The water operator plays a key role in the installation of these systems.

This interactive online course will illustrate each step in water main installation, including excavating a trench, inspecting and laying pipe, backfilling a trench, and pressure and leak testing and flushing and disinfecting new pipelines. Safety precautions for all these steps will be made clear as well.

Water Industry Mathematics Basics

Water operators must master basic math skills in order to perform the more advanced calculations required day-to-day on the job. This interactive online course covers basic mathematical notation, methods, and calculations. Included in the course are powers and scientific notation, dimensional analysis, rounding and estimation, solving for the unknown value, ratios and proportions, percent, averages, linear area and volume measurements, and conversions.

Water Industry Maintenance on Pumps, Motors, and Circuits

In your career as a water operator, you will work with many different types of pumps, motors, and circuitry. These components provide the beating heart of the water system, serving as the force that moves water through the plant for processing.

This interactive online course will teach water operators how to properly work with and maintain a wide variety of pumps, motors, and circuits. This course will also identify how methods of corrosion control, proper pump safety, and the best techniques for moving pumps.

One comment

  1. I didn’t realize that water system experts had to have an extensive knowledge of mathematics. I will be better about not taking their intelligence for granted in the future. I am grateful for the great service these men do for us and see how it could be overlooked now. Thanks for the information.


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