New Pumps, Pipes, Valves and Shaft Alignment Training Series

RedVector has reformatted 25 courses comprising 43 hours of content to our RedVector-branded, mobile-ready format!  The Flash-based content was extracted from the courses, and converted to a mobile-friendly format (HTML5).  The next time you launch one of these courses, the newly formatted course will automatically appear.

eLearning Mobile iPad.png

Here is the full list of the courses that have been reformatted:

Pipes and Valves: Basic Pipefitting Skills
Pipes and Valves: Calculating Offsets
Pipes and Valves: Installing Flanges, Copper, and Plastic Pipe
Pipes and Valves: Installing Pipe Hangers and Supports
Pipes and Valves: Installing Screw and Welded Pipe
Pipes and Valves: Motor Operators
Pipes and Valves: Pipes and Pipe Fittings
Special Calculations
Pipes and Valves: Steam Traps
Pipes and Valves: Valve Types and Operation
Pipes and Valves: Valve Maintenance
Pumps: Basic Types and Operations
Centrifugal Pumps Basics, Part 1
Pumps: Multistage Centrifugal
Positive Displacement Pump Basics
Positive Displacement Pump Maintenance Basics
Pumps: Performance and Inspection
Pumps: Fundamentals of Centrifugal Types
Pumps: Operation of Centrifugal Types
Pumps: Reciprocating Positive Displacement Types
Pumps: Rotary Positive Displacement Types
Multistage Centrifugal Pump Maintenance
Shaft Alignment, Part 1
Shaft Alignment, Part 2
Shaft Alignment: Reverse Dial and Laser

The following two courses will be reformatted by next week – stay tuned!

Centrifugal Pumps Basics, Part 2
Shaft Alignment: Rim and Face

View over 600 of our mobile-ready courses on your phone or tablet by clicking here. 

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