Just Released: Waste and Wastewater Design Courses

RedVector has released NEW Waste and Wastewater Courses!


Waste Treatment Systems

Clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing is something we all take for granted. How did it get that clean? This interactive online course provides information on individual on site and decentralized waste treatment technologies. Information on typical application, design, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as cost factors will be provided for a variety of waste treatment systems. This course is intended for system installers, maintenance personnel, facility owners, engineers, etc.

Approvals received for:
•Certified Planner (AICP)
•Landscape Architect (LA CES) AK, AR, DE, KY, MN, MO, OH, PR, SC, TX and WI

Available for:
•Contractors (AK, AL, AZ, DE, GA, HI, MI and NV)
•Facility Management (AHA and IFMA)
•Landscape Architects
•Water/Wastewater Operator (AZ and SC)

Pending approvals:
•Contractor (FL)
•Electrical Contractor (FL)
•Flood Plain Manager (ASFPM)
•Landscape Architect (FL, NC, NJ and NM)
•Water/Wastewater Operator
•Well Driller

Common Myths of Wastewater Design and Operations

The “make it work” approach, “my sludge can’t read”, or “no one told me” schools of operation have led to full scale, real life, real world examples to debunk many wastewater design and process truisms taught as gospel. Many of these have a basis in history or “popular science”; some are correlations that have not borne the test of time. For certain, they are all to be found in at least one textbook, in a study guide, or on a whiteboard that you have seen and would swear is true. This interactive online course will dissect common homilies and truisms of facility design into historical perspectives, “contemporary” science, and facts.

Available for:
•Facility Management (AHA and IFMA)
•Water/Wastewater Operator (AZ and SC)

Pending approvals:
•Site Remediation (NJ)
•Water-Based Inspector (FL)
•Water/Wastewater Operator

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