NEW COURSES: Codes, Gas Collection, Geothermal Energy

RedVector has released three courses which comprise 7 hours of new, mobile-ready content!


Landfill Gas Collection and Treatment Systems

Over two hundred million tons of garbage are generated in the US every year. Over 97% of this garbage ends up in landfills. This garbage decomposes, potentially releasing harmful gases to the environment. Without landfill gas collection and treatment systems, the effect of these releases would be severe. This gas collection course provides an introduction to the theory of landfill gas collection and treatment systems and presents practical parameters that can be utilized to develop detailed system designs.


2015 International Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas Code: Significant Changes

(Developed in partnership with the International Code Council)

Understanding and following plumbing, mechanical, and fuel gas code requirements can significantly reduce hazards to property and people. This online codes course teaches you about important changes to the plumbing, mechanical, and fuel gas codes. This course is designed to assist code users in identifying the specific code changes that have occurred and, more important, in understanding the reasons behind the changes.


Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy offers both firm and flexible solutions to the changing US power system and is capable of providing consistent power year round. This geothermal energy training discusses the basics of geothermal energy, as well as the value and benefits of geothermal systems and how geothermal power plants work. Case studies of direct use applications are reviewed for geothermal energy currently in action across the United States.

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