Introduction to the ISI Envision Rating System

RedVector is pleased to announce a new mobile-ready webcast, Introduction to the ISI Envision Rating System.

The Institute for Sustainability’s Envision rating system for civil infrastructure is quickly being adopted by public agencies to rank organizational projects according to sustainable principles. The Envision rating system is backed by three major national organizations responsible for the vast majority of US civil infrastructure: APWA, ACEC and ASCE.

Envision is a relatively new initiative, but early indications show that it will gain wide acceptance as the national standard for assessing sustainability attained on civil infrastructure projects. This interactive online course will introduce you to the Envision rating system and show you how to organize your project in the sustainability realm. This course also lists the requirements on how to become an accredited Envision Sustainability Professional, Verifier, Trainer or ISI member.


Approvals received for:
•Architects (AIA)
•Certified Planner (AICP)
•USGBC (LEED General)
•Landscape Architects (LA CES) AK, AR, DE, KY, MN, MO, OH, PR, SC, TX and WI

Available for:
•Environcert International
•Facility Management (AHA and IFMA)
•Geologist (AL, KS, LA, MN, NH, PA and TX)
•Landscape Architects
•Land Surveyors

Pending approvals:
•Flood Plain Manager (ASFM)
•Land Surveyor (DE, FL, IN, KY, MO, NJ, RI, TN, TX and VT)
•Landscape Architect (FL, NC, NJ and NM)
•Site Remediation Specialist (NJ)

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