Electrical Engineer Video Courses – Just Released!

RedVector is now offering brand new, mobile-ready Electrical Engineer video courses!  These course are presented by Mr. John Peterson PE, PMP, CEM, LEED AP BD+C.  Mr. Peterson is a licensed professional engineer, certified energy manager, a registered project management professional with PMI, and a LEED accredited professional.

DC Power in Data Center.png

DC Power in the Data Center

Alternating Current (AC) power has been the default for data centers due to many factors, such as equipment availability and familiarity. As companies and agencies push for better energy efficiency, Direct Current (DC) power may become a more viable choice for energy, reliability, and availability of a data center. This course walks through a typical data center power chain then compares using DC power with discussion on five of the most typical DC power voltages in use today

Cogeneration Systems Essentials

Would you know enough about cogeneration to advise a client? Systems that generate both heat and electricity, called cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems, aim to reduce costs and emissions by providing two things at once. Usable heat is produced when a cogeneration system generates power, providing efficiency gains of nearly twice that of utility power. In this interactive online course we’ll discuss the simultaneous goals of providing heat and power, characteristics of turbines and engines in use, and other details such as economics and air emissions limits.

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