Newly Reformatted Safety Courses

RedVector is proud to announce that some of our most popular safety courses are now mobile ready.


Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and can result in equipment damage, personal injury, or even death. A potential, but preventable, cause of accidents is failing to properly isolate equipment before servicing or maintaining it. Ensuring that equipment is safe to work on is critical as uncontrolled hazardous energy cause unexpected startups or releases of stored energy that can be hazardous to workers.

In this interactive online course, we will discuss hazardous energy. We will review OSHA lockout/tagout standards and procedures, and describe employee training and inspections necessary for an energy control program.

Lockout Tagout Course.png

Basic Electrical Safety
A good understanding of electrical safety can help prevent accidents on the job. Workers must be aware of electrical hazards and be familiar with the protective devices in electrical systems, as well as the safety practices that help prevent injuries and equipment damage.

In this interactive online course, you will learn to identify the basic aspects of working safely, such as identifying electrical parts, determining nominal voltages, and understanding minimum safe clearance distances. You will also learn the actions to take if electrical shock or another injury occurs.

Electrical Safety
Safety is especially important for anyone who works around electricity. Even though electricity cannot be seen, it can be extremely hazardous unless the proper precautions are taken.

This interactive online course covers basic electrical concepts, such as electrical qualities of current, voltage, and resistance. Hazards associated with electricity, including electrical shock will be discussed, as well as the actions workers can take to protect themselves from those hazards.

Electrical Safety.png

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