New Courses for Transportation Engineers

RedVector is happy to announce two new advanced-level video courses on Transportation Engineering, comprised of five hours of content!  These video courses are great for civil and traffic engineers.

Each course is presented by our resident expert traffic engineer, Dr. Kwabena Ofosu.  Dr. Ofosu currently serves as the Traffic Engineer in the Public Works Department, City of Palm Bay, Florida.  He earned his Master’s degree and PhD, both in Civil Engineering from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

View of Road

Transportation Engineering: Road Vehicle Dynamics

This interactive online course presents principles used in the analysis of road vehicles traveling on our roads and highways. This course focuses on the dynamics of vehicle motion and how it governs the design of the geometry of streets and highways. Topics that will be covered include an introduction to dynamics, vehicle traction and resistance, engine-generated traction, vehicle acceleration, analysis of braking, and stopping distance.

Transportation Engineering: Geometric Design of Highways

This interactive online course presents elements of design of the geometry of roads and highways. In this course, we will cover horizontal and vertical alignment design as well as the type of curves and principles for designing them that are safe, cost-effective, and comfortable for motorists. You will learn how to integrate horizontal and vertical alignment, the elements of roadway cross-sectional elements, and how to design roadside features and appurtenances.



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