New Life Saving Courses

RedVector is happy to announce two mobile-ready video courses comprising of 2 hours of intermediate-level content!  These courses are presented by Ms. Cassandra Dillon.  Ms. Dillon has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of industrial and environmental engineering, risk management, and occupational safety and health. Her areas of expertise include consulting in the areas of transportation, warehousing/distribution, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Also, as an Adjunct Professor, she lectures in the areas of emergency planning, environmental systems, logistics, engineering, and safety and petroleum technology. Ms. Dillon currently holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University; a M.S. in Risk Control/Safety Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Stout; and a Certificate in Professional Accountancy from Mountain View College. In addition, she is currently holds Instructor certifications for PEC Safety, Red Cross and Authorized Outreach for OSHA.

RCRA Emergency Response


Being unprepared for an emergency response situation at your facility could result in injury or loss of life. This interactive online course will teach you about emergency response for entities that are covered by existing RCRA standards. Additionally you will learn the different tools you can use to help get through an emergency response situation. You will also learn how emergency plans can fit into current integrated contingency plans or be used as a standalone resource.

Hand Safety

Construction worker hammering nail to wooden plank on construction site

Unprotected hands can result in severe burns, cuts, punctures, and loss of fingers. This interactive online course will teach you ways to increase hand safety through the use of workplace assessments and the identification of hazardous environments. You will also learn how to select the proper type of glove for the hazard you might encounter.

Both courses are currently available for the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) but pending additional accreditations.


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