Check out the three new courses that RedVector has released:

2014 Florida Building Code Advanced 5th Edition: Significant Changes to the Residential Code
The purpose of this course is to familiarize building officials, fire officials, plans examiners, inspectors, design professionals, contractors, and others in the construction industry with many of the important changes in the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Residential (FBCR). This course is designed to assist those code users in identifying the specific code changes that have occurred and, more important, understanding the reason behind the change. It is also a valuable resource for jurisdictions in their code adoption process.

RedVector Laptop

Approvals received:
• Architects (AIA)
• FL Electrical Contractor
• International Code Council (ICC)

Available for:
• FL Engineer
• Pending approvals:
• FL Building Inspector
• FL Contractor (RC, CC, PCC)
• FL Home Inspector

Protecting and Restoring Habitat in Urban Ecosystems

Ecosystems provide humanity with the products and services needed to sustain a high quality of life on this planet. Unfortunately, urban development and mechanical disturbance destroy or damage over 400 square miles of ecosystems every year in the United States alone (Johnson, Brown, Loveland, & Theobald, 2005). However, with thoughtful preservation and restoration, living systems can be integrated into our built environments and can continue to provide services such as clean air, clean water, climate regulation, wildlife habitat, and improved human health and well-being.

This interactive online course will help you understand how the design and management of habitat in urban areas affects the services it provides to the community. It will discuss the processes that drive the development of ecosystems and how these processes can be used to restore and manage nature in urban settings. The course will cover strategies for habitat mitigation. It will also discuss the components of restoration and Integrated Pest Management plans. Lastly, the course will describe strategies for achieving community understanding and support for urban habitat conservation.

Approvals received:
• Architects (AIA)
• Landscape Architects (LA CES) AK, AR, DE, KY, MN, MO, OH, PR, SC, TX and WI

Available for:
• Engineers
• Landscape Architects (AL, AZ, CT, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MT, NE, NH, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, RI, SD, TN, UT, VA, WA, WV, WY)

Pending approvals:
• Landscape Architects (FL, NC, NJ and NM)

Electric Motors

Electric motors are used in all facets of daily life from electric generators, refrigerators, air conditioners, to the electric fan in computers. This interactive online course teaches you about electric induction motors. It covers how a motor works, the types of electric motors available, and how to apply an electric induction motor.

This course looks at the relationship between motor speed, slip, and torque, and covers how to select a motor with the correct parameters for a particular load. Finally, all of the basic data on a motor nameplate is reviewed and explained.

Available for:
• Engineers
• Facility Management (AHA and IFMA)

electric motor.gif


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