Gamified Professional Development Video Courses!

RedVector is happy to announce 4 new professional development courses comprising 2 hours of content!

These courses feature “structural gamification”, where the primary focus is to motivate and engage learners in the process of learning through rewards.  As learners master learning objectives, you will be rewarded with medals within the context of each course.

All four courses were authored and presented by Ms. Jenni Stone. Jenni holds a Master’s degree in HR Management and is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), since 2007. She is active in a number of professional organizations including HR Florida, where she serves as Webmaster and Social Media Director, Association for Talent Development and NAAHR where she serves as VP of Programs, Suncoast HR, and SHRM. Jenni continues to share her wealth of knowledge of HR as a frequent speaker at professional human resource meetings and conferences across the state of Florida. Jenni’s passion for Human Resources gives her the ability to make a difference for companies seeking to expand or manage their workforce, or bring new life to an organization through leveraging people and human relations policy.

Note: These .5 hour courses will not be accredited individually, but will be packaged together with the next month with both Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) accreditations.

Employee or Independent Contractor: The Risk of Misclassification of Employees

A growing number of workers are trading in the corporate hierarchy for the freedom to be their own boss. These independent contractors can be found in nearly every profession, from lawyers and business consultants to writers and yoga instructors. They set their own schedule and they enjoy a wide variety of work experiences, but they also pay their own taxes and secure their own health insurance. A problem arises, however, when employers misclassify workers who are employees under the law as independent contractors. Depending on the specific terms of the working arrangement with an independent contractor, such as hours worked, reporting structure, payment schedule, et cetera, you may be in violation of some very serious worker classification laws.

In this interactive, online course, we will define the term independent contractor. We will describe tests used to classify workers as independent contractors, such as behavior controls, financial controls, and the actual working relationship, and we will discuss examples of independent contractors.

Essentials of I-9 Compliance

To many employers, a Form I-9 may appear to be a simple one-page piece of hiring paperwork. However, the one page Form I-9 comes with enough rules and regulations to fill a 69-page how-to manual, the M-274 Handbook for Employers. There are many common mistakes and human errors that can be made while completing and maintaining Form I-9 records. If an employer fails to complete or maintain I-9 documentation correctly, that employer may fall out of compliance and suffer harsh financial penalties.

This interactive, online course contains valuable information on how to complete Form I-9, an important document used for employment eligibility verification. The Form I-9 is a valuable and easy-to-use tool. The use of Form I-9 helps protect jobs for authorized workers, and ensure a legal workforce.

Interviewing the Right Way

There is nothing more important in the hiring process than the interview. The interview is an exchange of information between the candidate and the interviewer. It provides the candidate with the opportunity to sell him/herself, and management with the opportunity to sell the position and the organization. The importance of selecting the BEST person for a position cannot be over emphasized. The interview provides an opportunity for you to brand your company in the eyes of the potential employee, and to determine if the candidate is the right fit. The interview is a crucial process, that if done correctly, will ultimately help move your business forward. But if done incorrectly, could be very damaging to your company.

This interactive, online course will discuss the employment interview. It will cover the different types of interviews, and planning strategies to help you conduct successful interviews. This course will illustrate steps for conducting an interview, and provide examples of types of evaluations to use so you can choose the best person for the position.

Managing a Millennial

Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 1994 who have been given a reputation that says they have an inborn distrust of hierarchy and bureaucracy, and are prone to job-hopping. But is this reputation actually true? To manage your Millennial employees, you must understand the group and how they compare to other generations before them. How to manage and motivate what some call the “trophy generation” is a hot topic of conversation and a concern for many businesses and managers. The good news is that millennials are like most people, they aim to have a job where they are valued, make an impact and develop their skills, all while being interested in what they do and being fairly paid for their effort. They want a secure job, but they aren’t looking to make one job their life’s work.

This interactive, online course will discuss how millennials are different from other generations when it comes to their views on careers, success and professional growth. You’ll learn coaching and managing tips to help make sure recognition is fair and consistent. You’ll also learn how to leverage modern technology to increase engagement, and how to make work challenging, engaging, and fun.

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