Just Released: Courses for Mechanical Engineers

RedVector is happy to announce four new courses comprising seven hours of mobile-ready content!

Energy Efficient Water Heating

Hot water may be something most of us take for granted, but when you do need to install a new water heater, what type will you choose? What size will you need? Which type is more cost efficient in operation? This interactive online course will cover important guidelines and current technology related to Water Heating Systems installed in commercial, industrial, and residential facilities. Current technologies, types of systems and rebate and tax information will be reviewed. This information is required training for design professionals, facility managers, and system maintenance personnel.

Boiler Technology

What type of boiler should you install? How large should it be? What is involved in boiler maintenance? This interactive online course will inform you about the latest Boiler Technology available in the industry and provide critical information regarding types of boilers, opportunities for energy efficiency, and conversion of boilers to natural gas or hydrogen fuel. Also included is information you’ll need to know regarding how to avoid contamination and corrosion, and other important operational guidelines that will improve boiler performance.

Designing PEX Plumbing Systems to Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing has been used for plumbing systems in North America for over 25 years, providing safe delivery of potable water and protecting the health of building occupants. A result of modern polymer technology, PEX tubing performs in ways that provide superior reliability, durability and safety. This course will demonstrate how the properties of PEX tubing can improve the health, safety and welfare of building occupants through reliable long-term delivery of clean water without pipe degradation.

Many designers lay out PEX plumbing in the same way as copper plumbing systems, without taking advantage of the material flexibility, and increasing installation costs. Other designers use too much pipe, potentially delaying delivery of hot-water to fixtures. Therefore, this course will also explain how PEX systems allow designers to reduce materials, save installation time, and provide faster delivery of hot-water to fixtures by comparing 12 design examples. Finally, using empirical test data generated by NAHB-RC (now Home Innovations Research Labs) comparing various PEX designs, this course will also provide answers about the best ways to design PEX plumbing systems to optimize performance.

Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

Do you realize that air compressors are used in several different industries? This interactive online course will provide technical training related to air compressor energy efficiency. We will discuss types of air compressors and how they work. You’ll learn about costs and how to reduce energy consumption in compressed air systems by minimizing compressed air leaks. This course will show you how to analyze compressed air systems and how to perform preventive maintenance. Storage, end uses, and air quality will also be discussed. This information is ideal for facility managers, engineers, and maintenance personnel that use air compressors or manage facilities with air compressors.

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