Just Released: Natural Gas Systems – Sizing and Design Consideration

RedVector is happy to announce this one-hour mobile-ready webcast course!  This course is authored by our subject-matter expert Mr. Bob Hazelton, PE, who came to us with over 40 years of mechanical engineering experience. Mr. Hazelton’s experience ranges from hands on work at an electrical generating station, to being part of an installation team at a NASA tracking station, to being a supervisor of an operations and maintenance crew at a research laboratory. Mr. Hazelton also has been a design engineer for the past 18 years. This range of experience gives Bob a unique perspective of mechanical system design and installation. Mr. Hazelton is a registered professional engineer in 36 States.

Natural Gas Systems – Sizing and Design Consideration

What is that yellow pipe for? Do you know how to size a natural gas system? Natural gas piping systems are in use in virtually every commercial building. Natural gas is used for comfort heating, cooking, laundry, water heaters, fireplaces, even decorative lighting and fire pits. The proper design and installation of natural gas systems is essential for not only the efficient operation of appliances but also the safety and health of building occupants. This interactive online course will take an in-depth look at a number of considerations that must be addressed before design can begin including:

•       Knowing the applicable codes,

•       Knowing the requirements of the natural gas utility supplier,

•       Venting requirements,

•       Pipe identification and labeling requirements,

•       Pipe support requirements,

•       Gas meter clearances for windows, air intakes and electrical equipment,

•       Sizing methods to use, and

•       Selection of piping material.


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