Just Released: Process Reactor Fundamentals – RCPRF Course!

RedVector is happy to announce this one-hour mobile-ready audio-driven course!  This course is authored by our subject-matter expert Mr. Jim Taube, who holds a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio.  Jim possesses the Certified Energy Manager certification (CEM) granted by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Process Reactor Fundamentals – RCPRF

When you’re working around reactors, your primary responsibility is to make sure that the chemical reactions occur safely and efficiently. In a very real sense, you’re responsible for controlling what goes on inside the reactors. In order to do that, you need to know some basic principles that govern reactor operations. Then, you can apply these principles to any reactor in your plant.

This interactive online course focuses on the fundamentals of reactors used in process plants. Specific areas covered include the basic components of a reactor, reactor operation, types of reactors, auxiliary equipment associated with reactors, and the operator’s role in reactor operations.

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