Just Released: Server Administration Fundamentals (Server+ SK0-004) 11 Course Series!

RedVector is excited to announce our newest eleven video courses comprising of 16.5 hours that create our Server Administration Fundamentals (Server+ SK0-004) series!  These courses were written by our subject-matter expert Tom Carpenter, who has worked in the IT industry for several decades. In that time, he has taught more than 40,000 students in the classroom,  and has authored 17 IT books with over 50 e-learning programs that cover a wide variety topics in an effort to help his students better utilize and understand technology.

This Server+ Certification by CompTIA is an international and vendor-neutral certification that has been endorsed and recognized by industry computing manufacturers and organizations. The courses included provide foundational knowledge of the principles, techniques, and tools needed to successfully prepare for the Server+ Certification SK0-004 exam.

Server+ (SK0-004): Understanding Servers

Before you can become proficient in network security and risk management, you must first understand servers—the history of servers as well the different types of servers and their functions. This first course in our Server+ certification training series gives you a brief history of network servers. Then, it covers the different types of servers you may encounter, what their different purposes and functions are, and their key features.

Server+ (SK0-004): Installing and Configuring Servers

This course introduces what you need to know regarding installing and configuring servers. From server form factors to processors, RAM, hardware, and keeping the servers cool, you will begin to understand the different kinds of servers you can get and the first steps in utilizing them.

Server+ (SK0-004): Configuring Server Operating Systems

This course is on the topic of server operating systems. It covers several important topics to help you understand the process of selecting, installing, and configuring an operating system on your server from selecting and understanding operating systems to actually installing Windows and Linux. It also covers various  configuration tasks you will need to be aware of as you complete configuration.

Server+ (SK0-004): Server Administration and Maintenance

This course in the Server Administration series discusses administration and maintenance. In this course, we discuss the best ways to access the server along with the different administration techniques. We also discuss fault tolerance, asset management, and maintaining appropriate documentation.

Server+ (SK0-004): Virtual Server Essentials

In this course in the Server Administration series, we explore virtualization. What is virtualization? Why does it matter? We’ll discuss the answers in depth. Then, we discuss hypervisors and the important role they play in the virtualization process. We also talk about hardware support along with the hardware components and features that help in implementing virtualization in the best way possible.

Server+ (SK0-004): Understanding Storage Systems

In this course in the Server Administration series, we learn more about storage for servers. We start off by understanding storage systems by looking at hard disks, RAID, independent disks, and so forth. Then, we move on to discuss other types of storage such as SAN and external drives, and we complete the course by discussing calculating capacity and how to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to meet your needs.

Server+ (SK0-004): Configuring and Maintaining Storage Systems

In this course in the Server Administration series, we examine the actual processes involved to configure and maintain storage systems. This course is made up of demos about creating, formatting, or managing partitions and volumes, drives, RAID arrays and JBOD arrays. There are also demonstrations on encrypting and compressing data as well as using external drives.

Server+ (SK0-004): Server Security Essentials

If our security is not in place and our servers are vulnerable, then we can lose data, we could have down time, we could also be exposed to public relations fiascoes. We certainly want to avoid that. This course in the Server Administration series will give you an introduction to the server security essentials. We discuss the basics of what you need to know in order to cover all your security needs from physical security to server hardening to hard wiping a hard drive and more; your security bases are covered.

Server+ (SK0-004): Network Configuration and Administration

In this course, we cover topics in network configuration and administration. We cover IP addressing such as IPv4 and IPv6, networking services, and network infrastructure. We also discuss port and protocols, and how to scan for open ports. Then, we talk about cables, cable connections, and testing the cables to make sure they are functional.

Server+ (SK0-004): Server Disaster Recovery

When an operating system drive or hardware fails and your data is lost, how do you get it back? In this course in the Server Administration series, we take a closer look at server disaster recovery. In this, we discuss continuity operations, the different types of recovery sites, data replications, and backup methodology and media.

Server+ (SK0-004): Troubleshooting Server Problems

In this final course in the server administration series, we cover troubleshooting server problems. We not only discuss the various methodologies involved in troubleshooting both the hardware and software, but we also talk about the many errors you might face and why. From problems regarding software, network, storage, this course gives you the skill set you need in order to begin addressing whatever issues you might run into.

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