Just Released: ADA Guidelines, Composite Lumber, and Energy Modeling courses!

RedVector is happy to announce three one-hour webcast courses on the topics of ADA Guidelines, Composite Lumber, and Energy Modeling!

ADA Guidelines: Designing Pedestrian Facilities using Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG)

The United States Access Board is the entity responsible for maintaining the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. While the ADA guidelines address certain features common to public sidewalks, such as curb ramps, further guidance is necessary to address conditions and constraints unique to public rights-of-way. The Access Board has been developing Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) for the past few years. Once PROWAGs are adopted by the Department of Justice, they will become enforceable under Title II of the ADA. This course will provide a summary of the most recent PROWAGs that have been published by the Access Board and how they relate to the design of pedestrian facilities within public right of ways.

Designing with Structural Composite Lumber

What is structural composite lumber? Is it reliable enough to build with in your area?  The building industry is constantly developing new materials. Some of this innovation has occurred in the design of timber construction materials. Many of the new products have higher load carrying ability and improved serviceability when compared to their sawn lumber equivalents. In addition, these materials are often more sustainable. This interactive online course will focus on innovations in Structural Composite Lumber (SCL). As a designer, it is critical to understand these materials in order to safely and cost effectively design with them.

Energy Modeling Outcomes – Design with Confidence

What is energy modeling and how can it help in your next site design? We all know that having the right information earlier produces substantially superior results. Systematic early design energy modeling assists design teams and owners by clarifying the decision space, and bringing relevant information to the discussion. This interactive online course will help you discover the replicable methods to produce better information sooner as well as the incentive programs to look for that will subsidize these best practices. Building energy modeling and distributed generation systems will be covered so you will have all of the tools necessary to push for net zero building designs.


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