Just Released: AEC Success Course Series – Additional Courses!

RedVector is happy to announce six new SME video courses comprising four hours of mobile-ready content!  These courses add to our existing AEC Success Series presented by Mr. Anthony Fasano and Mr. Christian J. Knutson, P.E., PMP.  In this new series, Mr. Fasano is joined by Dr. David Williams, PhD, PE, PH, CFM, CPESC, D.WRE, who has over 40 years of experience and is known nationally and internationally for his contributions to the industry.

AEC Success: Strategies for a Successful Client Interview

We have all been through the interview process, either through applying for a job/promotion or chasing a project. We also often follow established templates that almost everyone uses which result in eye rolling by the interviewers. This online interactive course can help you get out of this rut so that you can develop a fresh look for your next interview in pursuit of a project. You will learn what to research before the interview, how to observe and analyze the environment of the interview location, a strategic sitting layout and how to use all of this to your advantage prior to the interview. This course will show you how to manage the pace of the interview and how to answer tough questions. Finally, you’ll learn how to elegantly end the interview and which follow-up activities will help you standout amongst the thundering herd. Learn what to do and what NOT to do to subtly manage your client interview to ensure you and your team members shine!

AEC Success: Five Steps to Effective E-mail Management

Poor email management can kill productivity and cause you to be stressed. Implementing a proper email system will help you be more productive, more billable, and give you more time to do deep meaningful work. This interactive online course will teach you email processing and management steps to help you simplify your email filing system. You will also learn 7 steps to writing more productive emails.

AEC Success: How to Create a Focused, Productive and Low Stress Career and Life

Being unorganized can lead to a stressful and less productive career and life. This interactive online course will teach you how to improve time management efforts to bring more balance and focus to your career and life. You will learn three specific rules for effective time management and better work life balance. You will also learn seven things you can do to increase your ability to focus.

AEC Success: How to Find and/or Become a Mentor

A mentor is someone who can guide you toward reaching your career goals and ultimately your definition of success. This interactive online course will teach you how to find a mentor using five specific considerations. Additionally, you will learn how to become a mentor and then benefits mentoring will have on your career success. You will also learn strategies for getting the most out of the mentoring relationship.

AEC Success: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Team projects often result in conflicts that have to be resolved between different parties. Learning to resolve a conflict is a very valuable skill that can be used in all endeavors of business and life. This interactive online course will teach you five strategies for dealing with conflicts. Additionally, you will learn two core skills that are necessary to successfully resolve conflicts. You will also learn about emotional awareness and how it can help you in certain situations.

AEC Success: 7 Steps for Using LinkedIn® Effectively

LinkedIn® is an avenue you can use to help build your reputation in your field and become better at marketing and business development. This interactive online course will teach you ten action steps to take to build a strong LinkedIn® profile. Additionally, you will learn who you should connect with on LinkedIn® to maximize your exposure. You will also learn the do’s and don’ts of maximizing your usage in LinkedIn® groups.



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