Just Released: NFPA® 1001 Course Revisions in New Video-Based Format – Fire Behavior and Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

RedVector is happy to announce extensive revisions and complete re-stylings to two of our most highly utilized fire courses: NFPA® 1001 Fire Behavior and NFPA® 1001 Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment. Because these courses are so critical to our users, TargetSolutions has taken this content to a new level, replacing our traditional text-based format with narrated videos and unique interactions. Revamping some of our most popular content will engage and educate our users like never before.  

NFPA® 1001 Fire Behavior was written by Antonio Roque, a veteran firefighter and training officer with the Nashville Fire Department; NFPA® 1001 Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment was authored by Brian Ward, Chief of Emergency Operations and Training Manager with Georgia Pacific.

NFPA® 1001 Fire Behavior

To safely and effectively manage fire, firefighters must understand the science behind how fires start, how fires spread, and how fires can be extinguished. This information provides the basis for helping firefighters interpret what they encounter on the scene of a fire and select the proper tactics to safely fight a fire. This course reviews the fundamentals of fire behavior, including the fire tetrahedron, types of fuel, products of combustion, and the phases of fire development. Specifically, this course focuses on fire behavior
in structure fires.

NFPA® 1001 Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing the right protective equipment can make the difference between life and death. For this reason it is imperative that firefighters regularly receive refresher training on PPE. This course reviews the various types of PPE available to fire department personnel as well as their uses, limitations, and regulatory compliance.

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