Just Released: Structural Civil Engineering Course!

RedVector is happy to announce this two-hour mobile-ready webcast course!  This course is authored by our critically acclaimed subject-matter expert Mr. Bill Coulbourne, who has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Virginia. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in three states. He is a national expert in wind and flood mitigation and has been involved in FEMA Mitigation Assessment Teams and natural hazard damage assessments for 20 years.

Coastal Engineering: Sea Level Rise

What are some causes of sea-level rise? Is it impacting all coastlines?  Sea-level rise is a very real flood condition that has caught the attention of many coastal communities around the U.S. This interactive online course will provide information about the potential magnitude of this rising water, the planning required to better resist the effects of this rising water, and why sea level rise can be so damaging to the built environment. A few case studies will be included to illustrate what is being done around the country to combat this serious climate change issue.


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