NEW PACKAGE: 10 Hour RedVector AEC Success Certificate Program: A Comprehensive Professional Development Program for AEC Professionals

RedVector is happy to announce a new package comprised of 12 interactive video courses delivered by three of the most dynamic trainers in the AEC industry. The RedVector AEC Success Certificate Program provides in-depth, AEC-specific training on topics such as business development, sales, decision making, time management/billable hours, communication, networking and more. This modern, online training program will provide engineers, designers, project managers and other AEC Professionals with the “soft” skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers. Meanwhile, this online professional development program can help firms reduce costs and win more business in today’s highly-competitive market.  Professionals who successfully complete this comprehensive program will be awarded an official RedVector AEC Success Certificate of Completion, which can be proudly displayed in the workplace, documented on resumes and even utilized in a firm’s marketing collateral.

The courses contained in this package are:

  • AEC Success: 7 Steps for using LinkedIn Effectively (RV-11197)
  • AEC Success: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (RV-11196)
  • AEC Success: Five Steps to Effective E-mail Management (RV-11193)
  • AEC Success: How to Create a Focused, Productive and Low-Stress Career and Life (RV-11194)
  • AEC Success: How to Find and/or Become a Mentor (RV-11195)
  • AEC Success: Strategies for a Successful Interview (RV-11143)
  • AEC Success: Business Development and Sales (RV-10869)
  • AEC Success: Time Management and Billable Hours (RV-10868)
  • AEC Success: Effective Decision Making (RV-10867)
  • AEC Success: How to Become a Top-Notch Industry Leader (RV-10775)
  • AEC Success: How to Communicate and Present Effectively (RV-10776)
  • AEC Success: Networking and Relationship Building (RV-10777)

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