NEW PROFESSION: WELL Accredited Professional (AP) Certification

RedVector now offers courses for WELL Accredited Professional (AP) Certification.

30 hours biennially based on Certification Date

Of the 30 hours, at least:

– 6 hours must be WELL Specific

All 30 hours may be taken in online courses and must be pre-approved by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). The courses offered by RedVector have been approved by GBCI.

NOTE: RedVector currently has 1 new course for 3 hours approved for WELL Specific with the launch announcement below. The full approved General library for Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is available for this profession.

Just Released: The WELL Building Standard!

We are happy to announce our first course on the WELL building standard!  The way that buildings are designed, constructed and maintained impacts the way we sleep, what we eat, and how we feel. The WELL Building Standard uses innovative, research-backed strategies to advance health, happiness, mindfulness, and productivity in our buildings and communities.

This 3-hour course will introduce the WELL building standard and how it aims to advance the health and well-being in buildings and communities globally.

The WELL Building Standard

How well does your building fit your tenants? Do your employees need a place to walk or work out? This interactive online course introduces the WELL Building Standard and discusses unique “features” (known as “credits” in LEED) to certify projects and gain the credential. We will discuss the application of the WELL standard to a hypothetical case study, conducting a feature-by-feature analysis and comparing the building before and after the standard is applied.

If you are seeking online continuing education hours or have any questions about these courses, contact an educational advisor or our client support department today.

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