Technology Update: RedVector GO Microlearning App

RedVector is happy to announce that the RedVector Go Microlearning app is available in the Apple app store! RedVector GO provides performance support by giving users the ability to quickly and easily retrieve educational microlearning video clips while on the go.

RedVector Go Microlearning App

The new RedVector Go app allows access for users to pull short informative video reference clips from anywhere including the job site, plant floor, or in the field, any time they’re away from their computer.  These easy-to-access microlearning clips will help users reference information such as safety maintenance procedures, building codes, engineering topics and more. This will help both, companies and professionals, to leverage bite-sized informative clips at the point of need from a trusted resource.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is defined as an instructional method where key information is delivered in brief, bite-sized bursts. Now that we are in 2017 with users going more and more towards mobile ways to access their learning, and with attention spans decreasing, Microlearning is filling the education gap being created.  Our RedVector Go app with its just-in-time learning gives professionals the ability to consume training without having to sit at their desk watching hour-long courses or thumb through manuals for specific content. We are eager to offer new, innovative, performance support solutions to meet the technological needs of our users.

Learn more about RedVector GO by visiting

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