NEW COURSES: Accessible Parking, and Accessible Restroom Courses!

RedVector is happy to announce that the following 2 courses have been released for Accessible Parking, and Accessible Restroom Courses.

Accessible Parking

In order to have an accessible site where parking is provided, people must be able to get to the site first. This means accessible parking is a necessity. This is a common part of the accessibility codes that most design professionals and building inspectors will have to deal with in their everyday work. Parking is easy to make accessible, but also easy to get wrong. This interactive, online course will point out why this should be a top priority and how to avoid the pitfalls. Components of accessible parking, location, and how many spaces are required will also be discussed.

Accessible Restrooms

Everyone needs to use the restroom. To find a restroom inaccessible due to physical barriers is an indignity that can and should be avoided. This interactive, online course will cover the most common errors that could cause inaccessibility, and how to design an accessible restroom for everyone.

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