NEW COURSES: Four New Advanced Project Management Courses!

RedVector is happy to announce that the following 4 courses have been released for Advanced Project Management.

Advanced Project Management: Sustainability in Project Management

Confirming that sustainability concepts are designed into a project from the beginning ensures that project sponsors and owners receive the maximum value, either through reduced project costs or through reduced life cycle costs.

This interactive online course will teach you the principles of sustainability and how you can use this basic knowledge to increase the value in the projects you manage. You will also learn about the effects of climate change on projects and how to properly address the risks that arise from climate change. Additionally, you will learn how sustainability can be integrated into traditional project management by addressing each of PMI’s five project management process groups and eleven knowledge areas.

Advanced Project Management: Project Performance Management

To control a project and keep it on budget and schedule, you need to have a quantified sense of where the project is. How is it doing? Is it on time? Is it on budget? Are the deliverable’s being delivered? Are the end users satisfied? To achieve this level of project performance assessment requires a deeper understanding of metrics and measures. During this interactive online course, you will go deeper than the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book of Knowledge® takes individuals in Earned Value Management. This course will also expand your understanding of metrics and Key Performance Indicators, which are essential tools and techniques project managers must develop to effectively conduct project performance measurement on today’s complex projects.

Advanced Project Management: Advanced Project Scheduling

Without a full and complete schedule, the project manager will be unable to communicate the complete effort, in terms of cost and resources, necessary to deliver the project. Knowing scheduling techniques will better prepare you to make decisions about schedule development and give better direction to your project team about schedule performance.

This interactive online course will teach you the importance of scheduling in contract fulfillment, as well as introductory concepts for scheduling contract provisions, the concepts of delays and claims, and methods for delay claim resolution. You will also learn about establishing a scheduling model, best practice principles, and the eight steps for developing a good schedule model.

Advanced Project Management: Managing Project Teams

Successful projects are not delivered through technical expertise alone. It takes the ability to manage and lead teams and people effectively. The most successful project managers know how to build and maintain an environment in which both teams and individuals are motivated to do their best work. Founded on a wide range of research and real-life experiences, this interactive online course will help you understand how to develop and sustain effective project teams. You will learn tools, techniques, and tips you can add to your toolbox of people-management skills, enabling you to improve performance for yourself, your team, and the individuals on your project team.

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