NEW COURSE: Heat Exchangers: Cooling Towers, and Pumps: Basic Types and Operation

RedVector is happy to announce that the following course has been released for Heat Exchangers: Cooling Towers, and Pumps: Basic Types and Operation.

Heat Exchangers: Cooling Towers

Course soon to be sunset: AOHCT00CEN

In many industrial facilities, various pieces of equipment and fluids used in process systems need to be cooled. Disposing of or discharging hot water into lakes or rivers can lead to thermal pollution, and water that is discharged must be replaced. For these reasons, it’s often more efficient to cool the hot water with a cooling tower and reuse it. This interactive online course will introduce you to cooling tower systems and a couple of types of cooling towers, and you will see how a typical cooling tower is operated. You will also look at how chemistry is involved with maintaining a cooling tower.

Pumps: Basic Types and Operation

Course soon to be sunset: AOPBT10CEN

For plants to operate efficiently, the proper flow of fluids is essential. To keep liquids flowing through plant piping systems, pumps are used. In this online interactive course, we will examine some of the fundamental aspects of pumps. We will cover the design and operation of two basic types of pumps: positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

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